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Registration for the Regional Sessions of EYP Finland 2018
This is the Registration Form for the Regional Sessions of EYP Finland 2018. All Finnish high schools and vocational schools can send delegations to one or more of our Regional Sessions. 9th graders, former students as well as other young people outside of studies are welcome as well. The delegations preferably consist of four delegates, but it is also possible to register individually or in smaller groups. The sessions are especially suitable for young people aged 15 and 20. However, you are very welcomed to participate if you are younger or older!

In the case that there is more than one delegation from the same school, fill in as many Registration Forms as there are delegations. One school can send a maximum of three delegations (12 delegates) to each Regional Session. Each school can send delegates to any Regional Session.

Every delegation must have a contact person. The contact person can be a teacher from the school or one of the delegates. Multiple delegations can have the same contact person.

The Regional Sessions are held in the cities listed below. A session lasts for three days; consisting of one day of Teambuilding, one day of Committee Work and one day of General Assembly.

The participation fee is 35€/delegate and it covers the food, accommodation, materials and program at the session venue.

After registration, the delegates will receive a confirmation email and information letter to help them to start preparing for the session. Please note, there is a limited amount of space in each session, so registering as early as possible is recommended. Registration will be closed earlier if the session gets full.

Regional Sessions of EYP Finland in 2018

Salo 2018 (CLOSED)
12nd - 14th of October 2018
Social Responsibility – Europe for Youth and Opportunities
Sosiaalinen vastuu - nuorten ja mahdollisuuksien Eurooppa
President: Kevin Boland (IE)
Head Organisers: Maisa Kankkunen, Pinja Kankare & Santeri Iivonen
Registration DEADLINE: 2.10.2018

Kuopio 2018 (CLOSED)
2nd - 4th of November 2018
Democracy - Towards Inclusive Participation of Citizens
Demokratia - kohti osallistavaa kansalaisyhteiskuntaa
President: Rebecca Kiiski (FI)
Head Organisers: Axel Aarnio, Mikael Mauranen & Oliver van der Weij
Registration DEADLINE: 19.10.2018

Tampere 2018 (CLOSED)
9th - 11th of November 2018
Entrepreneurship - The Key to Economic Development
Yrittäjyys - avain taloudelliseen kehitykseen
President: Joana Cavaco (PT)
Head Organisers: Alexandra Salo & Aarni Rantanen
Registration DEADLINE: 26.10.2018

Vaasa 2018
16th - 18th of November 2018
Sustainability - European Cities Taking the Lead
Kestävä kehitys - Euroopan kaupungit edelläkävijöinä
President: Dionysis Patriarcheas (GR)
Head Organisers: Yannika Rönnqvist & Ville Valli
Registration DEADLINE: 2.11.2018

The registration is binding. A delegate can cancel their participation at the latest two weeks before the session. After that, the participation fee must be paid, even if they do not attend the session. However, exception can be made in case of an illness. Doctors note needs to be sent to Invoices will be sent out to the participants two weeks before the start of the session. By completing the registration, you agree to this cancellation policy.

If you wish to have a presentation about EYP Finland and our Regional Sessions to your school, please do not hesitate to contact us! Should you have any other questions or concerns about the application or in general, please contact

For further information and FAQ, visit our website To stay up to date, follow the Facebook page of the Regional Sessions of EYP Finland at Check out the video below as well to understand more.

If you are not member of EYP Finland yet, please join here

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