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THRRG Involvement Interest Selection
We’d like to find out from you how you’d like to be involved in the various levels, but before we can do that, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with a status report of the guides.

A special note about the facilitation training and its requirements. We approach this work knowing that we are all learning how to walk the path of reconciliation - in short, none of us are experts. We know that true reconciliation comes from the creation of safe space in order to engage in authentic dialogue. It is for that purpose, we require facilitators to have a basic understanding of our approach to this work. The materials used in the Reflection Guides are complex and the activities and group facilitation requires skill. This is one of the reasons that we have decided against having the Reflection Guides available for general reading.

For Canadian congregations, congregational approval and a $25.00 participation fee will be required to register for the training. Community groups and Unitarian congregations will require approval for facilitators to attend and the participation fee is $50.00. Congregational support simply means that your minister or religious educator knows that you have signed up for the facilitation training and are in agreement that you'd make a good facilitator in this field. This topic is sensitive in nature and need to be able to respond to sensitive group dynamics and responses to the material being provided. Watch the CUC e-news for specific dates.

Let us know how you'd like to help! Please indicate your level of interest for each level of the curriculum

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Receive email updates on the progress of the work
Be part of a team for our congregation to pilot a guide
Be trained as a facilitator
Reviewing and giving feedback on materials before a reflection guide is piloted
Assisting at or with events to raise funds for the project at a congregational, regional, or national level
Assisting the Task Force with others duties, as negotiated
Skills I have that might be useful for the team include:
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Thank you for helping us tailor your level of interest to get involved with our project.
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