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Flarted Mentorship Program

Welcome to the Flarted Mentorship Program, fondly called FM-Program. FM-Program was developed by Wonuola Olawale, an advocate for excellence with an array of success stories tested and proven. The program operates in two phases with the first two months intensive and guaranteed to get you flying and not just running or walking, but in the right direction. On signing up, you receive an email informing you of the details involved in the two phases.

This program is the first accredited way you can become a fulfilled mentee and more likely a delighted mentor at the end of two-months. You practically sign-on and get a sense of fulfillment giving and receiving from the human race.
Hoping to talk to you soon.

Yours always,
Wonuola Olawale,
Director, FM-Program.
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(Earn 20 credit points when you successfully complete FM-P Phase 1, 10 points as a Phase 1 FM-P Mentor and 30 credit points by choosing to become a Phase 2 FM-P Mentor valid for a one-year period). Terms and conditions apply.
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