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Teldaria Builder Application
If you have any interest in building or learning to build well, then apply! We aren't looking for only experts, but experience is always awesome. We do have the power to teach newer people so long as you have even a basic understanding for building we can work with you. There are tons of awesome Youtube tutorials out there, so check those out if you feel you need to know more first.
What is your In Game Name? *
Do you have Discord? Can you use voice? (Discord Required, Voice not but extremely reccommended) Also, what would you like us to call you in conversation?
How dedicated can you be to building for Teldaria? (We need help, not slaves. Don't feel you need to be on every day all day, that's no fun) *
Are you better solo, or working in a group? *
What types of building do you believe you are best at? *
Do you have any experience from other build teams or plot servers? If yes, where? *
Which of these do you have experience with? *
At least one build required!
You can go into single player creative, or a plot server to make a build if you don't have one to screenshot. We need to know where you stand to be able to observe the amount of work we'll need to train or not train you. Don't let not having a build currently deter you!
Portfolio: (Images or videos of your builds) *
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