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Breaker: Student Application 2019
Please submit your completed application as soon as possible. We will be accepting students on a rolling basis until we've filled the cohort. Thanks for your interest!
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What is a Breaker? What is a Design Challenge?
The Breaker summer program is a Design for Innovation Boot Camp. Just like in the modern day work world, you will be given a real problem to solve. We will teach you how to use an innovator's toolkit and you will produce a new product, service, program, or product that has financial value, is good for the planet, and good for the community! In these two weeks you will become a social entrepreneur, a change-maker, able to solve big problems with creative new solutions. JOIN US! Please fill out the application below.

Our 2019 Summer Design Challenge will run June 17th-June 28th (M-F).

This is an immersive experience that requires a 10-day commitment. Students will meet from 10am-3:30pm Monday-Friday week 1 and week 2. There will be a "public pitch" on the afternoon of June 28th that families are encouraged to attend.

The challenge will be run out of a space in the Eastside Industrial District (TBA).

You can learn more about our organization at And you find out more about what a design challenge looks like by watching the videos below:

Breaker Future of Food: Design Challenge
Breaker Future of Livable Cities: Design Challenge
Please answer the following questions to apply to our program. The program is free to you. Help us get a sense of who you are and why we want you on our design team.
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This year's challenge is from June 17th- June 28th. It's a full 10-day commitment (with a pitch day presentation on the 28th). You will be designing, collaborating, and creating for 6 hours each day. (Don't worry-- you won't be sitting at desks the whole time!) Are you able to make this commitment? If not, what is standing in your way? *
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