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Bijonei Stylist Application Form
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What did you enjoy most about your last job:
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What are your hobbies or interests? What do you enjoy doing in the weekends?
Why would you like to join our business:
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Why should we choose you for this position:
Area of the Hair Industry that you would consider your strength or interest would be:
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Have you had any sick days in the last 2 years:
How would you describe your general health:
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Do you want to be successful in the Hair and Beauty Industry?
Would you co-operate with all in house training programs as well as outside seminars, competitions etc?
Are you prepared to have your hair cut and coloured to promote a good staff salon image?
Do you agree that it is important to wear make up to look your best in the salon?
Would you wear professional clothes and appropriate shoes?
Are you happy to work extended hours?
Would you arrive 15 minutes before the salon opens in order to prepare for salon opening?
Can you foresee any problems with transport to and from work?
Will you enjoy communicating and talking to other people?
Do you have any skin allergies, especially with your hands?
Do you paint your nails?
Would you be able to provide good models for training purposes on a regular basis?
As a trainee employee would you be prepared to be available for staff members in the salon training program?
Do you smoke?
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