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Rally to Inject the Public's Voice and Transparency into the D.C. Government
Rally and Speak Out. July 11th 6pm-7pm. Freedom Plaza

Have you ever been slighted or disappointed by the DC Government's closed door process when it comes to making laws and public policy?

From fast tracking the DC Constitution to not allowing adequate and timely input into no-bid development or contract process, from refusing to give timely notice of public hearings or votes to publishing the Council budget the day before the public hearing, the DC Government suffers from a Democracy Deficit.

Therefore, as this Council session closes and a new one is set to begin, we want to send a message that the closed door, no public input nature of government has to end.

When the council comes back into session in Sept. we want them to commit to close the Democracy Deficit by:

- Opening the government to community voices by giving timely notification of hearings, votes, and budgets, and make a regular practice of hearings in the community
-Ensuring legal, open, proper bidding processes on all contracts, with adequate oversight by the Council
-Reforming the District of Columbia Freedom of Information Act to allow for more transparency, not less
-Committing to create a new constitution through a proper and legitimate process.
-End Pay-to-Play in D.C.

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Let us know what you would like the DC Government to do better when it comes to transparency and allowing public input
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