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This Time Tomorrow Reader Survey 2020
After a lot of reflection about 2019 and the end of my decade really, I wanted to kick off 2020 on a note and in a direction that excites both ME and YOU GUYS.

I always enjoy the exercise of this survey -- I think it really forces me to sit back and reflect on the type of content that not only challenges me but hopefully inspires and serves you. I understand you're all incredibly busy, so the fact you're on this page in the first place, means SO much to me. I've made this year's survey much shorter compared to previous years with most of it being multiple choice -- so it should only take around 5 minutes or less. All free form text questions are optional, so if you would prefer to skip them, that's totally fine.

Also, it should be noted, this is all anonymous and aggregated. I will never know who said what. I don't want anyone feeling uncomfortable with their name associated with answers, so please be brutally honest.

Lastly, I will be giving away TWO $500 American Express prepaid gift cards to TWO readers who fill out this survey. Make sure to leave your email address below to be entered to win! I will be choosing two winners at random 2 weeks from today!
FIRST things first, IF you want to be entered to win one of the 2 $500 American Express gift cards that I'm giving away, make sure to leave your email address below, so I can contact you if chosen. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
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What topics do you want to see covered MORE of in 2020 on This Time Tomorrow? Check your top FOUR. Feel free to add your own suggested topic under "Other." *
If you could shake me by the shoulders and tell me to STOP covering or doing ONE particular thing/topic/subject, what would it be? Feel free to reference the above topic list or write your own! *
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How do I actually make you feel when you visit my site or social channels? Be BRUTALLY honest! Remember, responses are anonymous. Feel free to write in your own response if you want to under "Other." *
Finish this sentence: When I decide to follow a blogger, it's important to me that they...
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Finish this sentence: In 2020, I want more bloggers/influencers/content creators to KEEP doing _________.
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Finish this sentence: In 2020, I want more bloggers/influencers/content creators to STOP doing ________.
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And since this is all anonymous, is there anything else you'd like to tell me? Can be positive feedback or constructive criticism!
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Now tell me about one of your goals! What's one goal on your list this year? Can be big or small! *
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