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Modeller survey
As a part of a StoryFutures Immersive Fellowship, Valkyrie Industries in collaboration with UCA researchers Birgitta Hosea and Camille Baker are developing a haptic VR sculpting tool. We are interested in hearing your thoughts if you make 3d models - whether you use CGI or traditional analogue processes. Your answers to these questions will help us to design the kind of tool that you yourself would like to use.
Do you create three-dimensional models?
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What tools (processes or software packages) do you use?
What do you like about your current tools?
What is missing from your current tools?
Have you ever used VR?
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If you used VR for 3D modelling, what software did you use and what did you like about it?
If you used VR for 3D modelling, what was missing?
Would you use VR for your everyday work in 3D modelling? Why or why not?
What functions would you like to see in VR sculpting?
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Your feedback is very useful for us. You can find out more about Valkyrie Industries here:
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