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Thanks for your interest in joining the RCF Team. Before answering the application questions, please read the following statement so you know what it is you are getting into.

-RCF is a busy place, everyone pulls. This is not a job where you get to hang out and climb.

-RCF is a dynamic place, you may be asked to wear many hats. If all you hope to do is work at the front desk or teach people how to climb then you should move on.

-RCF is in need of constant cleaning. Instructor level positions tend to clean for hours each day. If cleaning is beneath you then you should stop right here and look for a different job.

-RCF is a Team. There are many positions but we all add to the whole.

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What will you bring to RCF? Why do we need it? How will RCF be better place for hiring you in twelve months?
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Tell us of a time you failed at something. Truly completely failed. Failed so thoroughly it's embarrassing even to think about. Then tell us what you learned from the experience. Please do not try to dress up a success as a failure.
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We'll be running a background check if we decided to hire you. Is there anything you would like to explain before we do?
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