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Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this.  This way, I can create the poster, press release, and answer all questions from potential guests without needing to send you multiple messages.
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Logistics of Venue
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Venue Age Restrictions
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Is the Venue Wheelchair Accessible?
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Notes regarding Wheelchair Accessibility (if Applicable)
Doe the venue allow smoking?
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Does the venue have parking?
Date & Time
Keep in mind, the day of the show the schedule will be:

- My Team Arrives (20 minutes prior to Event Start Time)
- Event Starts, Audience arrivals begin (this is listed as the official time of the event)
- Show Starts (30 minutes prior to official Event Start Time)
- Show Ends (roughly 90 minutes after the Show Starts)
- End of Event (until roughly 40 minutes after the event, I will be handling business with my team after briefly mingling with guests)

From start to finish, my team should be there for 3 hours total
Date of Show
Event Start Time (30 minutes prior to Show Time)
Do we have a "Hard Stop" time by which we absolutely need to be off stage?
Does the venue serve food?
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Am I able to get ready there?
If I'm able to get ready at the venue, I'll most likely plan to arrive 2 or 3 hours prior to the event.
Does the venue have a dressing room, office, or any small area where I can get ready before the show?  If so, what's the earliest I can arrive to prepare?
Do you have WiFi? Just asking for me...  not for public use.
When I'm at your venue, I may want to do some social media to share about the show. If you've got WiFi and you're comfortable sharing the Network/Password info with me in advance, it will be a huge time-saver! Thanks!
WiFi Network name
WiFi Password
How would you like my music?
Will there be a DJ or someone who can help me with the sound system, and/or cue my music during the show?  (Please note, I can always cue my own songs if needed throughout the show)
How would the sound person like my music?
Will there be someone on-site who knows how to work the sound system?
If not, please use the LAST option below to tell me what I will need to know about your sound system, and who I can contact in case of an audio emergency.
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Tell me a little about your sound system...
What kind of Microphone(s)
What kind of sound system do you have? (If "Other" please explain)
Your Contact Info
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Phone Number
If my contact person at the venue will be someone OTHER than you on the day of the show, please provide their info below.
On-Site Person's Name
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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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