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Final Report of the Utrecht Network Young Researchers Grant holder
Students/researchers, who received an Utrecht Network Young Researcher's Grant are required to fill in the report within one month after the end of the research/study abroad.
1. Surname, Name *
2. What is your research field at home University? *
3. Where did you do your research/study abroad? *
4. When did your research/study abroad start? *
5. Where did you get the information on the Young Researchers Grant from? *
6. How did you get in contact with the receiving institution? *
7. Please explain briefly what your research was about (max. 200 words). *
8. Please briefly present what results you achieved during your visit at the host university (max. 200 words). *
9. How did the host university support you in achieving your goals? *
10. What value did the research at the host university add to your research at home institution? *
11. Will any further collaboration come out of your stay? If yes, please explain *
12. How did the possibility of the Young Researchers Grant encourage you to do your research? *
13. What was the most valuable personal experience during your mobility? *
14. Are you willing to share any pictures for publication on the Utrecht Network website or in the newsletter? If yes, we will contact you by e-mail. *
By submitting this report you give the Utrecht Network permission to use (quotes from) your report for promotional purposes. Personal data will not be published.
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