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HBC Worship Team Application
This is an application to serve as a singer or band member on the Worship Team at Harvest Baptist Church. Based on your specific giftedness and other ministry needs within our church, we may recommend your participation in those ministries. Information provided will be kept confidential to the Worship Leadership Team.
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Are you a participating member of Harvest Baptist Church? *
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If no, are you currently or will you be taking the next Membership class? *
What ministries are you currently involved in at the church? *
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How did your walk with God begin? Have you accepted Christ as your personal Savior? *
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What training and/or experience do you have in the area of music? *
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What do you see as your primary strengths and weaknesses as an artist/performer? *
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What does the word "servant" mean to you in the context of the worship ministry at the church? What do you think it means to be a team player? *
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Are you willing to see your frequency of usage adjusted to fit the changing needs of the ministry or to make room for others with more developed giftedness? *
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What is your availability for and participation in our weekend services? *
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