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MUUSA Activity Proposal
Use this form to propose a workshop, special event, vespers service, or dinner discussion!
Please fill this out by Sunday, September 13th, 2020.
If you have any questions, please reach out to Julie Enersen at

Workshop: These meet more than once, are timed, require registration, and fit within the Workshop schedule.
Special Event: A one-time excursion or event.
Intergen: A drop-in, all ages event or activity. (One day only)
Vespers: A 45 minute presentation-style lay-led time for reflection that can be whatever you want. Takes place in Hillcrest at 7pm. (One day only)
Dinner Discussion: An hour-long discussion on an interesting topic that you would lead during dinner hours in the Lodge, which people can sign up for ahead of time and join with their food. Limited attendance. (One day only)
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Participant Fee
Maximum Number of Participants (if you're leading a dinner discussion/vespers, just say "dinner discussion" or "vespers")
WORKSHOP ONLY: Are you willing to volunteer your time and waive camp credit?
Credits to be set at Fall Planning Meeting. In the past, credit is either $300 or $150; reach out to Julie Enersen for specifics.
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How would you adjust your event if MUUSA 2021 is virtual?
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