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200 Muslim Women Who Care New Member Form
Thank you for your interest in the 200 (or more) Muslim Women Who Care organization.

We hope to inspire Muslim women to transcend culture and religion by following the legacy of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad to support existing initiatives in our local community and implement positive outcomes for every neighborhood in Tampa Bay.

If you would like to join us, fill out the commitment form below

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I understand that by joining “200 Muslim Women Who Care” I am making a commitment to contribute an annual donation of $400.00 per year ($100.00 per quarter) to worthy causes, charities, and non-profits serving our community. I agree to honor my commitment even if I am not fond of the charity chosen. If I am not able to attend the quarterly meeting, I will give my check (which will also serve as my proxy vote) to another member to deliver on my behalf, or I will mail it or pay electronically within one week of the meeting.
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