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Fairyblossom Festival 2019
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Vendors/Performers have the option of 1 free 10x10 tent camping space inside the meadow or 1 RV space outside in the parking field. Please select according to your needs: *
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Advertising Promos: This we are offering Booth/Product shout outs from our DJ Musicbox Fairy, and our Tipsy Pixie live-stream throughout the course of the day. One Advert = $1. How many would you like? (enter a number) *
In 2019, we are running a Forest Quest dungeon-crawl through the woods. Participating vendors will be prioritized in jurying. Would you like to be involved in the Quest? *
At 6pm on Saturday, we will be hosting our annual Stone Soup Potluck. This is a cooking/dish competition with prizes. If you plan to join us, can you guesstimate what you might bring? *
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2019 Important Event Information
Fairyblossom Festival is a juried show. Your items must meet the standards that we are looking for. Note: Does not apply to returning vendors with consistent product line. If your application is accepted, you will receive a packet with payment instructions, Festival guidelines and signature paperwork.

Event Hours are Friday: 8pm - Sunday: 4pm (Opening Ceremonies)
Fairy Market Hours: Saturday 10 - 6, Sun 10 - 4
Food Vendors: Will be required to show food handler permits
Cellular Service: Verizon works best but is spotty. Bring a knuckle-buster for accepting credit cards.
Info Packets: Packets will be mailed out leading up to the faire to those applications which are accepted.
Pets: Are welcome on leashes and with proper clean-up.

Please be aware that our new home is Red Hawk Avalon, a private, wooded event venue in Pe Ell, WA. We are off the main highway, and the focus of the event is to cater to our ticketed, weekend attendees.

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