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Evil Bunny Productions Event Blogger
Please read the event information before applying:

Once you are accepted, it is mandatory to be in Evil Bunny Productions group while actively blogging our events. You will be sent a NC and group invite upon acceptance. MAX 2 people, including yourself.

Only bloggers with GOOD quality pictures will be accepted.

Must be active within the past month and be active weekly.

We ask that you make 2 blog posts/week during the event (total of 6 for the duration) and 2 posts before the event starts. However, there is no limit on how much you can post.

Please be sure you cover AT LEAST 2 sponsors during your posts.

A NC with your links needs to be sent to Serenity Quar weekly as well as sending a group notice advertising your posts.

The sim opens the Friday before the event starts for bloggers. Please wear your tag.

Designers who want to provide bloggers with designs will send out packs in the Evil Bunny Productions group.

You are required to send a group notice with your post links and post photos on the group flickr and to the facebook page.

We will be doing more events in the future and will be inviting bloggers back that complete the above requirements.

All social media coverage info will be released to be used in advertising by all bloggers/designers.

If you do not post the required amount, or do not send a notice in group, NC to serenity quar, you will lose your group tag and not receive notices with designer blogger packs and not be covering an event. Sending your completed link list note card to Serenity Quar is the most important thing to remember to stay active in the group. PLEASE make your NC full perm so she can include it on the blogger report.

ALL social media will be provided for each event.

*TWE12VE is a separate application. This is for Truth or Dare Affair 2, Dark Side 2, Jersey Shore 2, Fable 2, Mad Circus 2, and the Naughty List 2. Events are held every other month.

* If you are interested in blogging Evil Bunny Hunts, please fill out the application for that. Link on the website.

Your SL Name (NOT display name)
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Your Blog address
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Please list any other sites you use for your blogging-i.e. flickr
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Please provide the name that needs an invite to the EBP event group (2 total)
You are required to be in the group the entirety of the event
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Do you understand that we require 2 posts/week for the entire event (6 posts total), plus 2 post prior to the event opening, and a NC sent with link coverage and a notice sent in group?
Please read above requirements
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