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Host (East)
If selected, this person will host (or assist in hosting) the east location open mic(s)! Some will be held at Hula Hands in Mountain View and some will be held at the Mountain View Library. Saying hello and welcome to the audience, introducing the next act, helping adjust microphones for the performers, and complimenting performers are all part of the job. We have a basic suggested script for hosts to use, as a place to start, but making it your own is definitely allowed and encouraged. This person is required to attend only the open mics that he/she wishes to host. This person is not required to attend quarterly youth management meetings, but is encouraged to. Applicants can be selected to host one or more open mics, as desired.

We are looking for someone who is interested in developing their public speaking skills, who is respectful of all genres of music, and who is kind. Someone who is quick with a joke would be a bonus. Applicants must be under twenty-one years old.
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What's your preferred way to communicate regarding Under 21 Open Mic stuff? Text, call, Facebook, Instagram, Email? Other? Share any additional contact info for yourself here, if you'd like to communicate that way.
What relevant skills do you already have, and what skills would you like to continue to develop with this project? Why do you want to host (an) open mic(s)?
Which date(s) are you interested in and available to host or assist in hosting? (Any 3rd Tuesday of the month, Oct- Apr)
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