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Are you AIR-tight?
AIR is our system for upping our game, productivity-wise ... but it's not for everyone, of course. It's an astonishingly powerful (but simple! We love simple here at AIR HQ!) system/philosophy but it works better if you're in one particular range of circumstances.

Let's face it, anyone who claims they've found THE productivity system for everyone is either God, stupid, or fibbing in order to sell you something. AIR works best for certain types of people. Here's a bit of fun to find out if you and AIR are a good fit :)

Don't worry! We'll tell you more about what AIR is very soon. What you need to know right now is that it's a way of getting more done without selling your soul to the productivity devil. We're talking books, a podcast, a community ...

You feel a bit 'There's more than I can do' ...
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