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Seminar Enrichment and AP Study Hall Sign Up
For the next Seminar rotation we will be offering Enrichments for student who are earning Cs or better on their 6 week progress report card. We are also offering AP Study Hall for students earning Cs or better on their 6 week progress report card, you can have a D/F grade in the AP class you are signing up for since you will receive support. The Enrichment and AP Study Halls will begin 10/4 and continue through the end of the year. You will have a chance to change at each new seminar rotation. Enrichments and AP Study Hall sections can fit up to 38 students so placement it is not guaranteed.

Below is a list of Enrichment and AP Study Hall sections that will be offered. If you currently have one of the teachers you can sign up in class the week after Semester 1, if you do not currently have one of these teachers you can sign up here. Make sure you do not sign up twice, or on more than one list. Some sections are limited to students in an academy (MAD/CS) or currently enrolled in the course (Theatre).

AP Physics, Ms. Cadenasso
AP Chemistry, Ms. Rivera
AP Environmental Science, Mr. Caballero
AP Biology, Ms. Quinn
AP Calculus, Mr. Todd
AP World History & Debate, Mr. Tormey


Mr. Johnston - CS Academy Enrichment Session, Room 26
Class would be for Computer Science Academy Students who will work on extensions of their current computer science learning. We will have experts come in and guide students. Topics may include, but will not be limited to, security, cryptography, regular expressions, robotics, web app development. Students should have had at least one coding course.

Ms. Adams- AP Computer Science Enrichment, Room 25
Class would be for all students enrolled in AP Computer Science. Students would have the opportunity to get extra assistance on current labs, get support in programing projects that are in addition to the class, and get extra review questions and practice.

AJ Henning - MAD Enrichment, MAD
MAD students will be working on MAD related marketing, small projects for nonprofits, attend talks by guest speakers, and take mini-classes that can't be taught during the normal day (for example, audio engineering or After Effects). This will also include the HOW kids that have been working with Dan Williams. This class will be limited to MAD students with A's and B's in all their classes and will take place in the MAD building. This is a closed section, speak with Mr. Henning if you would like to join in the future.

Daniel Barnett - VADA Leadership , Room 51

Otto Layman - Play Production, Theatre
This seminar is meant for students involved in the Spring Production, either in a technical capacity or on stage. We use the time to explore more deeply the world of the play, its subtext, and historical context, and to learn and practice new technical skills. This is a closed section, speak with Mr. Laymen if you would like to join in the future.

Kearney Vander Sal - Band, Band Room
This seminar is for instrumental music students who wish to practice during school and increase their music theory knowledge. Students can work individually, in small groups, or as a large group. Students can also use this time to compose and hear their work performed. This is also a time when students can receive lessons on their instrument.

Kahn - MAD Leadership , 103
The MAD student leadership's mission is to bring positive change to the school and extended community through outreach, organized relationship-building events, and accessible youth programs. Closed to MAD students only, get more information from Mr. Williams and Ms. Kahn. This is a closed section, speak with Ms. Kahn or Mr. Williams if you would like to join in the future.

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