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2019-20 DAA Registration
Please complete before your first class.
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Level (If you are new student, please call 832-630-5048 *
What days (Mon, Tue, etc.) and times will you attend class? Please see the schedule and write down you days and times. *
How did you hear about DAA? *
Have you been to a DAA show at Miller Outdoor Theatre? *
$25 Registration Fee is due (Aug 2019-July 2020) *
My child and my family will not hold Dance of Asian America or DAA Academy, its director, teachers, or staff members liable if any injuries should occur while participating in any activities in relation with Dance of Asian America or DAA Academy. This includes, but does not limit to, classes, rehearsals, performances, facilities, travels, and transportation. If my child should need medical attention, in the case where I could not be reached, Dance of Asian America or DAA Academy has my permission to take my child to a clinic or hospital for medical attention. I will be held responsible for all the safety and medical expenses of my child while with Dance of Asian America or DAA Academy. I am responsible for my child before and after he/she finishes his/her class. I will not hold Dance of Asian America or DAA Academy responsible for any loss or damage of personal property. *
The tuition for the current month must be paid in order to participate in any classes, performances, rehearsals or activities within this month. Tuition, Recital Fee and Costume Fee are not refundable or transferable. Make-up classes are available upon request. Please email to schedule a make-up class. Cancellation for private class/mini project must be received by the teacher and office 24 hours before class time to get credit. *
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