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Survey Studio delle Alpi - 2018 - EN
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This survey is completely independent and all the informations gathered will remain confidential. They will not be conveyed or sold to third parties and will solely be handled and used by Studio delle Alpi.
You have the possibility to cancel your participation to this survey anytime by sending us an e-mail at:
Hello, please help us out by answering our survey on our current product line, as well as on the future ones!
Estimated duration of this questionnaire: 15 minutes
The gift of a 80€ value will be attributed by drawing lots on July 1st, 2018.
The winner will be announced by e-mail.
To begin with, choose the gift you would like to receive!
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Please follow the link below to discover the whole range of Studio delle Alpi products:
1. Among the products that you discovered in our catalog above, which product inspires you more than the others?
2. Which other product(s) from this range also inspires you?
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3. If you could decide on the price, at what price would you buy your favourite product from our catalogue? (Please name the product in your answer)
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4. In general, would you buy these products for yourself or your child? *
5. If you answered “no” to the previous question, could you explain why?
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6. In general, what do you think about our products ? *
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7. And if you could change anything in this(these) product(s), what would you change:
8. If you could personalize the products before buying them, would you like to be able to:
9. If the product is personalized, would you be ready to wait longer (beyond two weeks) to receive the product?
10. How much more would you be willing to pay for a product that has specially been personalised for you?
11. In general, do you prefer to:
12. In order to keep an object longer, it should:
13. What are the 3 deciding factors when you buy a product for your child?
14. And if the product is for you and not for your child?
15. For a product to fit your needs as well as your child’s, so that the whole family can use it, it should:
16. Would you be ready to spend more money for a product that is:
17. What type of product or which products would you like to find in our catalog in the future?
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18. What product or object would you need in your interior that you cannot presently find in retail?
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19. How do you discover or find informations about the products you want to buy?
20. Would you be willing to buy our products online rather than in a physical shop?
21. What could refrain you from an online purchase ?
22. If you were to search our products on the internet, which keywords or sentences would you use to find them?
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23. Which social media platforms do you use the most to follow the brands you like?
24. What kind of information do you expect to get from the brands you follow on social medias?
25. In order to broaden the reach of our survey, could you suggest us 1 or 2 people who would be interested in helping us out? Thank you very much in advance!
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26. Last but not least, do you have something to add to this questionnaire, or any other input that you would like to share about the Studio delle alpi brand, the website, the catalog, etc? *
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You have now reached the end of this questionnaire. We thank you very much for having participated in our survey and we will get back to you with the results of the drawing lots after July 1st.
By submitting this form, I accept that all the given information may be used by Studio delle Alpi in the frame of this survey, as well as to send me regular information about the brand. *
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