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Furple Dream PH Order Form πŸŒ™(Lightsticks/Albums/Other Items)
Welcome to our shop Furple Dream PH (@furpledreamph)! We are selling korean albums, lightsticks and other items! We hope you trust us and support our shop ❀️
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Terms & Conditions
{ Orders }

πŸŒ™ Before filling up an Order Form be 101% sure that you can comply with all the terms and conditions and stated deadlines.

πŸŒ™ Confirmation emails and invoice will be sent after order cut-off.

πŸŒ™ The prices posted are fixed and exclusive of local shipping fee.

πŸŒ™ Cancellation of orders is strictly prohibited. If you cancelled or you failed to settle your payments on or before the cut-off date, you will be posted/marked as a joy reserver using our tag #SRPHBogusBuyers plus CANCELLATION FEE of 200.00 PHP per item

πŸŒ™ The NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE policy is honored.

πŸŒ™ All items are only available for pre-order, unless stated on hand.

πŸŒ™ Products are not subjected to refund. Unless your item is out of print or out of stock.

πŸŒ™ Since all items are directly from South Korea, they are all sealed. We will not be liable for any factory defects or photo card losses.

πŸŒ™ We have a BATCH SCHEDULE almost every month. FULL PAYMENT is needed within the batch schedule for us to process your order/s and include it in the ongoing group order. For first press or limited edition items, we will distribute the items according to the date of full payment.

πŸŒ™ We strictly follow the batch schedule for orders and payment cut-offs, so that the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) will also be followed. However, if your order is out of print or out of stock, we will inform you so that you will have a chance to exchange your item or ask for a refund.

πŸŒ™ Updates regarding your order/s will be posted on our account. Please regularly check our accounts.


πŸŒ™ We will NOT accept installment /down payment since we need to pay for the items right away for the pre-order period in Korea to be smoothly processed.

πŸŒ™ YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT WHEN JOINING GROUP ORDERS. Goods usually arrive in PH within 1-5 months after the pre-order period has ended. They may arrive earlier or later than expected. Shipping of goods can be delayed due to different circumstances. It can be because of production issues, shipping issues, and other issues that I have no control over.

πŸŒ™ Failure to comply with the deadline or late payments will be charged PHP 50.00 per day as fine for the delay.

πŸŒ™ All prices are inclusive of all fees except local shipping fee

πŸ“Œ For on-going group orders #FDPHGroupOrder
πŸ“Œ For proof of transactions #THANKSFDPH
πŸ“Œ For updates #FDPHUpdates
πŸ“Œ Giveaways by shop #FDPHGiveaway

If you have any concerns, you can contact us through:
Twitter: @furpledreamph
Instagram: @furpledreamph
Contact Number: 09175246655
Lightstick / Album Pricelist
Please look for the prices of the albums here:
Shipping and Payment Details
πŸ’œ Shipping πŸ’œ
1-2 Albums β€” P120 (without poster tube)
3-5 Albums β€” P150 (without poster tube)
1-2 Albums β€” P150 (with poster tube)
3-5 Albums β€”P180 (with poster tube)

1-2 Lightsticks - P150-180
more than 3 - P200

1-3 Albums β€” P200
3-5 Albumsβ€” P250

πŸ’œ Mode of Payment πŸ’œ
Ellisha Fernandez
You can message me for the QR Code

Ellisha Fernandez

Palawan / LBC / Cebuana
Ellisha Fernandez
Sampaloc, Manila

Paypal: *Add 6% of transaction fee*

-- I will send email for your total of payment and other details. If you have questions just message my account @furpledreamph
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