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2018-2019 Student Enrollment Survey
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WHO was most influential in helping you decide to attend Cumberland Perry AVTS? *
What was the MOST IMPORTANT factor in choosing your program at CPAVTS? *
What was the MAIN OBSTACLE in enrolling at CPAVTS? *
Did anyone TRY TO TALK YOU OUT of attending CPAVTS? *
Do you know that you can receive college credits by completing most CPAVTS programs? *
So far, what do you like BEST about Cumberland Perry AVTS? *
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So far, what do you like WORST about Cumberland Perry AVTS? *
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As of now, what do you plan to do right after high school? (Check all that apply) *
If CPAVTS had a Social Studies class where you could earn college credits at no charge, would you be interested in taking the class? *
Do you plan to work through Co-Op during your senior year? *
What are the obstacles or reasons for not doing co-op your senior year? (if any)
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Has coming here met your expectations so far? If not, why not? *
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