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Request : for a Industry Mentor
Suven Consultants & Technology Pvt Ltd. runs a CSR activity , where-in we encourage Industry experts to mentor at-least one project at the level of Graduation or Post-Graduation. Its a 100% voluntary work , which a Mentor takes up.

Responsibilities of the Mentor :
1> Define the Problem.
3 possibilities here :
a> The mentor defines the problem.
b> The company (for which the Mentor works) defines the problem.
c> The student have a well defined problem or Idea, which is accepted by the
mentor as a Problem to solve.

2> State the best possible programming languages and tools the student team can use to solve the problem and code the project. { *keeping in mind their skill-sets also }

3> Set 8-10 milestones right from literature survey to project deployment, which you expect the student groups to accomplish in a span of 7-8 months. Usually the Students start their project July and finish by March.

Kind Note : The Industry Mentor is not expected to help the students in coding or debugging their codes. Coding and project reporting is the sole responsibility of the Students and their Internal College Guide.

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