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Picket Signup, Weeks 1-2
Thank you for signing up for shifts for our strike! Picket shifts are divided into 2 hour blocks.

***Union members are expected to sign up for 20 hours/week (10 shifts/week)***

When you come in for a picket shift, please meet at the designated central location:
Morningside -- Sundial on College Walk (116th)
CUMC -- TBA, accessible from 168th 1 train stop
Manhattanville -- TBA, accessible from 125th 1 train stop

Delivery Stoppage: Morningside campus will have late night/early morning shifts to stop campus deliveries (eg, food to cafeterias). It is a legal, practical, and rewarding way of disrupting the work flow of the Columbia administration. If you volunteer for delivery stoppage, you will be contacted by the delivery stoppage working group to arrange shifts.

Weekend shifts will be scheduled and organized depending on events on campus as well as numbers available.

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Tuesday December 4th (Morningside)
Wednesday December 5th (Morningside)
Thursday December 6th (CUMC)
Friday December 7th (Morningside)
Weekend-December 8-9 (Morningside)
Monday December 10th (Morningside)
Tuesday December 11th (Morningside/CUMC-- TBA)
Wednesday December 12th (Morningside/CUMC-- TBA)
Thursday December 13th (Manhattanville)
Friday December 14th (Morningside)
Weekend-December 15-16 (Morningside)
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