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IMPORTANT: DOZENS OF VOLUNTEER AREA-WIDE & CAMPUS COORDINATORS ARE NEEDED! Jill Stein campaign is looking for those of your who are super-enthusiastic about continuing the revolution against the corporate-controlled two party system to volunteer as area coordinators: Regional or County, City, and Campus-wide!

What we are looking for and what is needed:
• High enthusiasm for the Stein campaign and the principles of the movement behind Jill Stein
• Consistent means of communication. (phone, internet, etc - it is highly preferable in campus and larger cities to have a consistent means of internet access).
• Willingness to dedicate at least 5 hours a week to the campaign per position
• Willingness to do and complete organizational tasks – not just one thing you prefer, for example.

Tasks of coordinators may include:
Being a part of coordinator phone calls, learning talking points and updates about the campaign, receiving/picking up campaign materials, providing a means for other volunteers to receive these materials, finding events to canvass at, finding events for Jill Stein reps to speak at, forming campus chapters, organizing social gatherings/music events, etc , looking at areas with high degrees of diversity, basic training of volunteers, identifying encouraging new volunteers, identifying donors and ways to involve them, and perhaps most importantly, organizing as many Greens as possible to take off election day and be at the polls then and during early voting!

At this point we are looking at county-wide volunteers in NC’s largest and most progressive counties because of sheer logistics, however if anyone is willing to step up and work on regions (which may be closer to 10-15 hrs a week as opposed to 5-10 hrs for city coordinators depending upon how many step-up) let us know!

We greatly encourage coordinators who will diversify the movement and who reflect underrepresented populations to step up! We are looking for empathetic folks who seek to bring out the best contributions from those you meet and allowing people to discover new ways of building our movement!
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