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This summer, we are only offering one section of CIS 107. We will be offering CIS 106 (and 107) in the Fall. You must have an understanding of the Python programming language to succeed in CIS 107.
If you do not have the requisite Python experience, we recommend you take one of the following courses this summer instead:

- CIS 047: Introduction to Web Development (covering the basics of computer programming using PHP, the basics of databases using MySQL and SQL commands, and how to set up and maintain a web server on your own machine). Students will study how to build and maintain industry-class websites. Students will study the basics of open-source web-server (Apache). Students will gain knowledge to use and implement the most widely used open-source server-side scripting language (PHP) along with the most popular open-source relational database (MySQL).
To enroll:

- CIS 024c: Python Programming (Students will study the use of Python, a programming language, to create stand-alone and web-based applications. Students will acquire skills necessary to locate, evaluate, and utilize open source web materials.)

More information is found on the SJCC website:

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