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Self Made Is Always On The Lookout For Proven Entrepreneurs & Instructors To Feature On Top Ranked Show
If you're sick and tired of hype, half-truths and snake-oil-salesmen and you just want to know what's working, where, why and how...

...From proven, in-the-trenches entrepreneurs and creatives (who are probably doing better than you) to get inspiration and actionable ideas, then you're in the right place.

My name is Jason Bax. I pride myself on finding interesting and successful guests, asking the tough questions (most people don't have the balls to ask) and digging deeper than other hosts to get the gold. More about me .


I'm also looking to feature leaders who can teach a skill / superpower they've (learned from 1st hand experience in the trenches) that entrepreneurs are dying to learn.


It may seem cliche, but I've found that people respond best to topics presented in this format, "How to do/master ___ (skill/tactic) to get _____ (result/outcome) in ______ (time) .

If either sound like you or someone you know, tell me more, below...

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