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DCLP Travel Reimbursement Form
If you need financial support for travel costs to attend your court hearings in DC, the Dead City Legal Posse can reimburse your travel costs to and from DC. Reimbursable costs include gas, tolls, and transit tickets (bus, train, plane, shuttle). Unfortunately, we cannot make payments in advance.

YOU MUST SAVE AND SUBMIT RECEIPTS TO RECEIVE REIMBURSEMENT. Please email your receipts with your name (as it appears on your court records) to

We will follow up with you via email regarding disbursement. Most reimbursements will be distributed via check within two weeks of receiving your receipts.

Please note that we will not make reimbursements unless we can verify the information given with court records, so please provide your legal name. If you have any information that you feel uncomfortable entering on this form, please email us at

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Where are you traveling from?
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How will you travel? (bus, train, car etc.) *
IMPORTANT: Please note that reimbursements will be made for the cheapest and easiest means of transportation defined by the Dead City Legal Posse.
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What is the detailed approximate cost of travel?
Ex. Bus $45.00, Train $100.00 or Gas $60.00
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Do you need housing during your stay in DC?
This form must be signed in order for us to disburse funds to you. Fill it out and email it with your receipts to
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