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School Days According to Humphrey -
"A Friendly Face"
Chapter 5 -
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Learning About Students in Room 26
The students in Room 26 spend a little time getting to know each other by bringing in 3 interesting facts about themselves.... Try your hand at matching the information below with the correct characters in our book...
Table Tennis
Who likes to play table tennis?
Model Airplanes
Who likes to build model airplanes?
veterinarian- doctors who help pet and animals in zoos
Who wants to be a veterinarian and volunteers at an animal shelter
Make a connection between you and one character in the text...
Answer the following question comparing yourself to one of the characters in the book based on what we know about the students so far...
Which character is the text School Days According to Humphrey is most like you? What do you have in common with this character?
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A Little Get to Know You Activity... Mountain Crest style!
Below are some personal description of some of our teachers, staff, and administrators ... See how many of those you can answer correctly...
Mackinaw Bridge
"I was the home run champ for my summer league softball team and I walked the entire distance of the Mackinaw Bridge between the Upper Peninsula and lower Michigan."
"I got my black belt in Isshinryu Karate when I was 19 years old. I graduated from Mitchell High School in 2000 (Mountaineers). I was in colorguard, chorus, and Drama in high school."
" I have three brothers and two sisters. I used to be a lifeguard. When I was growing up I played on many sports teams including: swimming, gymnastics, softball, fast pitch, volleyball, and boxing."
"I was school spelling bee champion in elementary school. I have kissed a giraffe. I have 12 Christmas trees in my house every year."
"I do NOT like to shop for anything!!! I love doing chores outside, not inside. I love taking care of my dogs, and goats!"?
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