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Lehigh University bLUeprint Grant Application
Please use this application to apply for a bLUeprint Grant. Applications can be submitted by any faculty, staff, graduate student, or undergraduate student at Lehigh. bLUeprint grants are not intended to fund class projects or supplement existing research grants.
Email address *
Title of Project *
Name(s), Position(s), and Department(s) of Faculty/Staff Advising the Project *
Student Listing *
List name(s) of students involved in planning, developing, and implementing the project.
Main Contact Listing *
Provide contact information for the individuals who can best answer questions about the project. You should provide two names: one faculty member and one student.
Project Summary *
Please provide a concise (2-3 sentences) description of the project, including what it is you are actually proposing to do.
Project Details - limited to 1 page. *
Connect to bLUeprint *
Describe the relationship between your proposed project/activity and one or more relevant bLUeprint foundations.
Target Audience *
Identify the specific demographics of the Lehigh population targeted by the project, e.g., class, college, sub-groups, local community, etc.
Outcomes *
Explain the measurable outcomes of the proposed project or activity. Be sure to reference one or more relevant bLUeprint foundational principles, and to explain how you plan to measure impact on both participants and others beyond the direct participants. In addition, please address how this project will improve student life at Lehigh and enhance the sense of community among students, faculty, staff and/or the greater South Bethlehem.
Distinctiveness *
Describe the ways in which this proposal is innovative and distinctive. Keep in mind that funding priority will be given to proposals with the potential to be recognized as notable or best in class by peers, as well as individuals and groups beyond the immediate Lehigh constituency.
Long-Term Value *
In what ways does the proposed project or activity hold promise to grow in influence, to be sustainable and replicable (rather than general supplemental funding for existing projects or organizations)?
Intellectual Collaboration *
How does this project demonstrate an intellectual collaboration between faculty and students, in both its design and execution?
Budget *
Indicate the amount of funding required for the project, up to $2,500. Provide an itemized budget of planned expenditures including charitable donations. Include other funding already received or anticipated in support of this project, including funds from anticipated ticket or merchandise sales. Please note that expenses for compensation of Lehigh faculty, staff, or students are NOT eligible for funding through this grant.
Project Timeline
Note that upon completion of the project, you will be asked to submit a brief evaluation within 15 days, describing the impact of the project. Please check the evaluation form (
Project Start Date *
Project End Date *
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