Beach Safety Questionnaire
How confident do you feel in the water? Are you aware that there are things you can do to minimise your risks of swimming. We are collecting information to help us improve peoples ability to identify dangers when entering Australian beaches.
What is your age?
What is your gender?
What type of student are you?
Did you receive water-safety education (e.g. school, nippers)?
Did you receive formal swimming lessons at any stage of life?
How often do you go to the beach per week?
Your answer
Have you ever decided not to go into the water for safety reasons?
What has deterred you from swimming in the ocean in the past?
Please rate yourself on your ability to swim
Weak/no swimming abilities
Strong swimmer
Have you swum at the beach whilst under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs?
Have you ever felt pressure to swim in conditions you were not comfortable?
Do you know what a rip current is?
Can you identify the rip?
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Have you been caught in a rip current?
What do the yellow and red flags at the beach mean?
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Would you swim at a beach with no life guards?
What are reasons you would choose not to swim between the flags or at an non-patrolled beach?
Education sessions
Beach safety is no joke and we want to make swimming as safe as possible for everyone! The following questions allow us to understand what education you would be interest in being involved in.
What education would help with increasing your knowledge of beach safety?
What mode of delivery of the education would likely get your involvement?
Are you aware of where you can go for more information on beach safety?
Would you like to hear more from us, or be interested in engaging more on the topic? if yes please leave an email in the next box
Contact email or sNumber
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