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The Joyride Podcast
The Joyride is a celebration of everyday women who ride bikes!

So, you wanna be on the show - or are nominating a friend or Joyrider you'd like to hear as a guest?

SWEET!!! Please fill out the info below!

It's important to know that I record primarily on Saturdays - if that doesn't work, let me know in the comments section below, and I'll see how else I can accommodate your schedule. Also, for technical reasons I only meet via Skype audio, at this point. It's not necessary to have video, so don't worry if you're the bashful type.

Thanks for your interest in sharing your bike love with the world! I can't wait to expand this beautiful community!

Are you subscribed to the show yet? Have you left a rating or review? How about shared the show? Thanks SO much if you have. I appreciate it. Use this link:

Forever Forward,


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