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Class of 2028 Interest Survey
Please complete this survey as completely and honestly as possible. Your responses will help shape your experience at HSTAT and will be shared with your teachers to help them get to know you.
We are so glad you all will be joining us next year!
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PART I: Basic Information
What is your first name?
What is your last name?
What is your OSIS number?
What is your personal pronoun? *
What is your phone number?
What language(s) is the primary language(s) spoken in your home? *
If your teachers wanted to make a positive phone call home, what PHONE NUMBER could they use? Please enter only the numbers, no dashes or parenthesis. For example, 7187593400 *
Whose phone number is that (parent/guardian/grandparent/etc.)? *
Do you have consistent access to the internet at home? *
Do you have any medical concerns we should be aware of? If so, what?
Every incoming student gets an HSTAT T-shirt. What size will fit you best?
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