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                   2020 RWU Donation Form
This form will allow those picking up food to accurately enter the food pounds and other information into the RWU database.  If you are new to using this form, or want a better understanding, please watch the instructional video at the bottom of this page.  
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Donation Date *
Your Name *
Recipient Organization/Agency *
Who's receiving the donation
Donor Organization Name *
This is the name of the production (film/tv), sports team, event or store/restaurant that made the donation (not the organization receiving the donation).
Season #
For TV productions only.  Please enter only the number (not the word "Season").
Recovery Category *
City of Donation *
State of Donation *
Two letter abbreviation, please.  ALL CAPS for this field would be nice!
Total lbs of food recovered
Enter lbs of food picked up.  Only enter numbers please!
Total number of pans/trays recovered
Enter number of pans/trays picked up NOT tallied in the lbs of food section.  Only enter numbers please!
Total lbs of paper recovered
Total lbs of plastics recovered
Anything Else Donated?
eg - sheet cake, gallons of ice cream, loaves of bread, etc.
2020 Donation Form Explained
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