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Health, Safety and Disclaimer (V2)
Hi, thanks for filling this form in, it's so that we have all your details stored in one place and can ensure the run leaders have emergency contact details for you all.
I Can Run club has been created to offer women of all abilities a space to run together.

I Can Run club is operated and managed by volunteers in their free time and these volunteers cannot accept any responsibility for any events that occur at the training sessions. These volunteers may or may not have taken any formal training.
All volunteers will have instructions from the I Can Run leader who will be England Athletic qualified.

Every person attending the group must take full and complete responsibility for their own actions. If an accident occurs, please inform the I Can Run Leader.

Know your limits

If you have a medical condition that could affect you, it's your responsibility to make the run leader aware of this.

If you feel in pain, dizzy, faint or unwell, immediately stop and inform the run leader.

If you need to leave during a session, you must inform the run leader.

The minimum age that we can accept is 12.

Any matters of concern should be discussed with a run leader.

Appropriate clothing and footwear for running must be worn. You should dress appropriately for the weather and the lighting conditions. During evening runs we recommend that you wear hi-viz/reflective clothing.

We recommend you run with your mobile phone and a some water.

I Can Run club does not discriminate against any attendees, if you require any special requirements then please discuss this with a Run Leader before the session begins.

I Can Run club is for women only.

I confirm that I understand that participation in this group is entirely at my own risk and should consult my own doctor if suffering from any condition that might make running injurious to my health.

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