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Hypnobirthing Australia Classes
To book in for your Hypnobirthing Australia Classes please fill in the following form, be sure to submit & make your payment either in full or with the required deposit.
Other services being, Placenta Encapsulation & Birth Doula Services, do require their own booking forms which are available by returning too select the desired "Service" & follow the prompts.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me using the "Contact Me" option in the websight at
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Group Class dates are viewable in "Events" Private class dates are made by contacting me & via arrangement. Which Group Class Dates are you booking into? or what Private Class dates were arranged? *
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Is this HypnoBirthing Australia Class purchase a part of your Doula & HBA Class purchase or will you be enquiring about Doula Services with me for this pregnancy ? Discounts may apply to selected Doula Services when Hypnobirthing Australia Classes & Doula services are combined. Please see Doula services at *
Thankyou for your booking. Please be sure to press submit at the bottom of this page & make payment at by returning to the buy now page. Fee's include your Hypnobirthing Australia classes, your Folio & 2 Hypnobirthing Australia downloadable Practice Albums which you will receive in person at your first class. To hold your space please submit this booking form & pay in full or with your $150. for group classes or $200. for private classes, Non Refundable tuition deposit. Final Payment is due 7 days prior to class start date. ******Please Note Cancellations/ refunds cannot be accepted within 7 days of course start date. At this time refund (of the $400. balance for group classes or $770. Balance for Private classes ) Can only be given in exceptional circumstances******* When Purchasing a variety of my birth related services please be sure to submit the individual booking form for each service.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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