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Restoration Request - OSCAM Required Prior to Request
For Utilities requesting restoration by the City's Infrastructure Maintenance section.
OSCAM Details
For emergency work that will severely impact traffic and pedestrian flow, please contact 311 and request 'Urgent OSCAM Approval'. After the OSCAM is acquired, please continue with this form.
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Infrastructure Maintenance District - Please reference the map and select the appropriate district your work is in. *
Infrastructure Maintenance District Boundaries
What is the type of asset to be restored?
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Contact Information
In the event that important information needs to be passed to you quickly from our Inspectors, please provide detailed contact information as described below.
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When adding your email contact information, please confirm accurate spelling. When adding multiple emails, please use the following format:,, Maintenance will not be responsible for communication failure due to incorrect contact information.
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Comments for District Inspector (Ex. plates on site):
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