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LGA Concilio 2017-18
LGA needs support in the following areas:

Logistics & planning
-Support scheduling meetings: member and concilio
-Develop agenda for meetings, member and concilio
-Attend and facilitate all organization meetings
-Call special meetings of the organization when required
-Prepare and file reports required by the University.
-Oversee the progress of planned events and hold created task forces accountable
-Assist Communications in authoring organization's communications

- Provide an advising role (i.e. ethics, amendments, elections, impeach of officer or removal of member, or other structural changes)
- Prepare for and lead in-meeting discuss of the topic
- Obtain and organize all LGA records written by the Board of Officers
- Prepare and maintain an annual record of events and assemble a yearly reporting group of achievements and challenges
- Maintain a connection with LGA alumni

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