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Nationalist Revolutions Sweep Across the West Test
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1. Which of the following terms is the belief that people's loyalty should not be to a king but to a nation of people who share a common culture and history? *
2. Which of the following terms is when a nation has its own independent government? *
3. Which of the following characteristics make up a "nation?" *
4. Which of the following of the first independence nation in Latin America? *
5. Which is the following is one way in which Toussaint L'Ouverture, Simón Bolívar, and José de San Martín are similar? *
6. Which of the following influenced independence movements in Latin America? *
7. Look at the maps above. Based on a comparison of these maps of South America, which conclusion is accurate? *
8. Which geographic feature presented an obstacle to Simón Bolívar's forces? *
9. Look at the graphic organizer above. Which title best completes this graphic organizer? *
10. Before the revolutions, people in Spanish colonies lived within which of the following? *
11. Which of the following individuals was known as the "George Washington of South America?" *
12. How did the United States aid independence for Latin American nations? *
13. Which of the following years saw many nationalistic revolutions across Europe? *
14. Countries in the Balkans such as Greece used to be controlled by which Empire below before winning their independence? *
15. Which of the following men was a driving force behind the unification of Italy? *
16. Which of the following was a goal of liberals and nationalists across Europe during the 19th century? *
17. Which of the following men began to modernize Russia by ending serfdom *
18. Rebels in southern Italy who fought with Giuseppe Garibaldi to unify the country were known as? *
19. Which of the following competed with Prussia to unite the German States? *
20. Which of the following individuals was most responsible for German unification? *
21. "Realpolitik" is best described as? *
22. Which of the following best describes the meaning of this quote from Otto von Bismarck "... decisions would not be settled with speeches or votes but by blood and iron..." *
23. Which of the following titles was given to the leader of a united Germany *
24. During the 19th Century Nationalistic Revolutions, a "conservative" in Europe would have preferred which of the following? *
25. Short Response Question: Compose a well written paragraph answering the following question: Identify and explain some of the common bonds that united Americans together as one nation. *
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