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Coral Health API Information Form
Please enter the information below so we can connect your healthcare organization's API to the free Coral Health Records app. *Note, if you are using Cerner then you will have to submit a SR to have Coral Health provisioned to your API domain before we can connect.

Most of this information should be available on your website and nothing we collect is sensitive. If your organization has multiple API domains (e.g., you use multiple EHR vendors like Meditech and NextGen) then please submit the information for each API domain separately and then reopen the form and submit the information for the next domain.

After you submit this information we'll send you an email once the connection is complete. We typically add new organizations within a few days.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.
1. Organization Name *
Please enter the parent organization name, if multiple facilities use the same API domain
2. Organization Description
Please enter 2-5 sentences about your organization. If the same domain is used by multiple facilities that have different names, please specify the names of those facilities in the description. Once we connect your organization, your patients can search for your organization within the app and download their health records to their smartphone by authenticating with their patient portal credentials.
3. Contact Email For Questions About Your API *
4. API Domain URL *
Also known as your API endpoint url. Here is an example of a hospital's Cerner API domain url :
5. Username for Test Patient
We use this to make sure the connection works properly. Ideally the test patient account should have existing data for things like labs, conditions, medications.
6. Password for Test Patient
7. URL to Patient Portal Signup Page
We use this information to make it easier for patients to sign up for portal accounts from the app. If you don't have an online way to sign up for a portal account, then please include the url to the portal page instead.
8. Physical Address of Organization
Use the parent organization's address, if there are multiple facilities that use this API domain.
9. URL to Organization's Logo
The easiest way to get this information is to right click the logo on your organization's website and select "copy image address"
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