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2018 Commissioning Day Boat Parade
Commissioning Day Parade and Fleet Review Instructions

Members wishing to participate in our Commissioning Day Parade on May 19th are asked to rendezvous off the Club docks no later than 1445hrs. The Parade will start promptly at 1500hrs. The parade and Fleet review is open to anyone wishing to participate, no matter the size of your boat or means of propulsion. The entire route is 2.2 miles. We ask that participants please dress ship for the occasion.

The parade will be led by our new Race Committee boat, Galetea, followed by the Flag Officer’s boats. The route will be south to G”3” where we will pause for a brief Blessing of the Fleet.

Upon your return to the harbor, please approach the club docks close to you starboard side for review by the membership and to receive your salute.

The western face of the Club dock will be reserved for the Flag Officers and then for members on a first come first serve basis.

The Fleet will please monitor VHF 79 during the parade.

It is our understanding that the Dodson launch will run until 1800hrs on Saturday May 19th. This will allow time to return to your mooring and have launch service back to the Club for the Commissioning Ceremony. There will be no launch service available after dinner.

We look forward to the start of a fun, safe and exciting 2018 season on the water together.

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