Conference Week - Request to Assist form

"Service is the highest form of consciousness in the physical world. When we recognize our love of humanity, we do whatever has to be done to express that love to and with others. That is called service."
John-Roger, DSS

Thank you for your willingness to serve at our 2018 Heaven on Earth Conference!

This is a very special year for MSIA as it is the 50th Anniversary of Conference!

Before you begin, we invite you to call in the light, tune inward, and ask yourself, “What does Heaven on Earth mean to me?” Answering this question supports awakening to the Conference theme, as we all continue with preparations along the way.

Conference Assisting teams are selected two months prior the event. PTS plans to email you of your Assisting Status during the month of May.

We love you! God bless you!

In Light & Loving,
The PTS Team

Please note: This form takes approximately 3-­5 minutes to complete.

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