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ANGBA Recording form
For recording individual goats. Email is collected ONLY for use in communication about certificate. It is not included as part of the certificate.
Email address *
Name of goat *
*Subject to verification of appropriate farm name and non-duplication
Birthdate *
If unknown, enter approximate date
Gender *
Permanent ID (Tattoo or microchip) *
EXAMPLE: Left ear AAA, Right ear K1. Required to receive a permanent record number. Enter N/A if not established at time of record application
Horns *
Color or pattern *
See ANGBA site for color names
*Height is required for permanent recording of goats; measured when goat is at least 2 years of age.
Sire Name *
Include breed(s) with percentages. If registered, give registration # and registry.
Dam Name *
Include breed(s) with percentages. If registered, give registration # and registry.
How many in kidding?
Including goat on application
Breeder *
Owner of dam at time of conception. Name/farm name and address if available. N/A if not known
Owner(s) *
Name/Farm Name of current owner(s) of goat on application. ANGBA membership # required for verification only (Not listed on certificate)
Owner Address(es) *
Street, City, State, Zip
Owner Phone
Used for validation questions only. Not part of certificate
Upload at least 3 clear photos - front, side, rear - showing head and body shape and markings. For permanent registration, testicles on bucks and udders on does should be included.
File size is limited to 1mb. If you have more than 5 files, please send them to "" with the name of the goat in the subject. ONE animal per email please!
If you have pedigree information in a document, PDF, spreadsheet or picture, this is an optional way to upload. If you have multiple animals with the same pedigree, you only need to upload one copy. Simply make a note in the optional information section below. You may also include the pedigree in the email with photos.
Optional information: milk test results, fiber statistics, offspring records. This is limited to verifiable, subjective information
Examples: “Produced 2 sets of twins, 1 set triplets”, “Fiber tested at 15microns on 3/15/16”, “Milk tested at x% fat on <date>”. Comments such as “Fiber softer than Maggie”, “Milks about ½ gallon” will be removed as they are not quantifiable.
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