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Agribusiness Intentions
St Paul's Collegiate School is gauging interest in finding out what schools are intending to offer Agribusiness next year. The information gathered from this, will be used to help support you in delivering the Agribusiness programme and provide information and regular updates.
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Are you intending to offer Agribusiness as a subject at your school? *
If you answered yes to the above question, at what level(s) are you going to offer Agribusiness?
Are you intending to offer the new Agribusiness Achievement Standards at your school? *
If you answered yes to the above question, which Agribusiness Achievement Standards are you going to offer?
Are you aware of the Agribusiness website *
For Agribusiness to run smoothly in your school, what would you like /need from the Agribusiness administration that is currently not available? *
Two Agribusiness conferences are going to be held during the April school holidays in 2020 - one in Dunedin and one in Hamilton. Which would you be like likely to attend? *
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