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Bot Stack Compendium - Submissions
Do you know of a tool or service that should be included in the Bot Stack Compendium? Please complete the following fields. After completing a quick review we'll add your suggestion to the list.

Questions? Please message Mica (@MicaelaNeus) or Sandi (@sandimac) on Twitter.

Please share your email at the end of this survey so we can contact you if we have any questions, especially if you work on the product yourself. Thanks!

What is the name of the product?
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Who made and/or maintains the product? (Company or owner)
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Please link to the product website.
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Which category / use does the product fall under? Please pick options that match its strongest or most common use, even if the category isn't a perfect description.
Please link to the product's repository, if available.
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Please share a short product description.
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What messaging platforms does it support?
Which programming language is it available for?
What level of technical experience is required to use this product?
What kind of product is this, technically?
What type of license does the product have?
What type of pricing structure does the company/owner have?
Please provide a link to documentation.
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How do users receive product support from the company/owner? Please provide a link/email/Slack channel/etc.
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Contact information for the company/owner. (email, twitter, etc.)
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How can we contact you about your submission to the Compendium?
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