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CPABC/SCSBC Leadership Certificate Application Form
The purpose of the CPABC/SCSBC Leadership Certificate is to encourage ongoing professional development in the area of Christian educational leadership. Leadership development is a journey that does not end with earning a degree, but rather is an ongoing activity of deepening one's understanding of self, the role of a leader in serving schools, and knowledge of leadership and educational issues.

The certificates are granted at two levels.

a) Interim Certificate - is awarded to those who have completed two years of administrative experience (min. of 25% admin time) and have completed two of the approved courses (see below). This certificate is valid for three years and can be renewed if additional approved courses have been completed.

b) Professional Certificate -is awarded to those who have completed five years of administrative experience, either as a principal or assistant/vice-principal, and have completed four of the five courses in the approved program. This certificate needs to be renewed every three years.

To qualify for a renewal, the administrator must:

1. take one or more additional courses in some aspect of school leadership; or
2. participate in some combination of Evaluation Team membership, Leadership Review Team membership, workshop presentation, leadership mentoring, or CPABC or SCSBC Board or Committee; or
3. submit a professional development portfolio that is a record of professional development activities.

The CPABC-SCSBC Certificate Committee will decide whether the activities in 2. or 3. meet the requirements for Leadership Certificate renewal. The CPABC Executive and SCSBC Executive Director will jointly appoint the CPABC-SCSBC Certificate Committee.

Deadline for application and/or renewal for either certificate is March 15 of each year.

Approved Program
Consists of five leadership courses offered by TWU:

1. LDRS 620/621 -Worldview Foundations of Educational leadership
2. LDRS 623 -Developing Educational Programs
3. LDRS 624 -School Leadership and Supervision
4. LDRS 625 -Leadership and Dynamics of Change
5. LDRS 626 -Leadership for Contemporary Educational Issues

Or equivalent courses approved by the CPABC-SCSBC Certificate Committee and taken at other Christian post-secondary institutions, e.g., Calvin College M.Ed. program, Regent College, Dordt College M.Ed. program.

1. EDUC ? -School Finance & Business Management
2. EDUC ? -School Law & Canadian Legal Issues
3. EDUC ? -Understanding Cross-cultural/Global Issues in Education
4. EDUC ? -Conflict resolution
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