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Apply Here to Work with Me.
Hi There,

You are here because you want to make a change, and I'm all about helping you out if we make good match for each other.

By answering several questions below, you are making it easier for me to understand:

1. Who you are;

2. what your pain is;

3. whether and how I can help in the way that's the most meaningful to you.

For any questions, you can email me at If I think we are a good match for each other, I'll contact you within 24 hours.



What's your name? *
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How old are you? You can tell me a rough range if that's preferred. *
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What do you do? And what's your everyday schedule like? *
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What do you think are factors that may prevent you from losing weight healthily? *
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Tell me about your weight loss stories — how long have you been trying to lose weight? What have you tried, and what worked, what didn't? *
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What makes you want to apply for working with me? And what results are you looking for? Please be as specific as possible. *
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How many pounds are you thinking of losing? *
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Is there any factors (medical, cultural, religious) that impact what you can or cannot eat on the daily basis? If so, what are they? *
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What's the best email address to get back to you at in order to schedule a conversation — if we are good matches for each other? *
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