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2019年夏の英会話の申し込み用紙 / Summer 2019 English Discussion Course Sign-up Form

ヒューマンライツ・ナウ事務所〒162-0801 東京都新宿区山吹町335鈴木ビル4階

・各回受講の場合:3,500円(学生は3,000円。学生証の提示をお願いします。) ※各回、当日お支払い
・4回券 大人 - 11,000円 / 生徒 - 10,000円 (3,000円 / 2,000円割引) 
・8回券 大人 - 23,000円 / 生徒 - 20,000円 (5,000円 / 4,000円割引) 



コンタクト: Tel. (+81) 3-6228-1528


Thank you for your interest in our discussion course this term.
We look forward to your participation!

Time: Every Thursday, 19:30 - 21:00, Aug-Sept 2019.
Location: Human Rights Now, 4F Suzuki Bldg., 335 Yamabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0801 JAPAN

Attendance fee:
・Fee for each lesson:¥3,500(Students ¥3,000. Please bring your Student ID)*To be paid before each lesson
★People willing to attend several lessons can buy a multi-lesson coupon.
・4 lesson coupon ¥11,000 / Student: ¥10,000(save ¥3,000 / ¥2,000)
・8 lesson coupon ¥23,000 / Student: ¥20,000(save ¥5,000 / ¥4,000)
* Please purchase your coupon before the beginning of your first lesson
* A ¥1,500 cancellation fee will occur from one week before each session, but you will receive the class materials for this fee. You can also just purchase the class materials for this fee if you cannot attend the session. Let us know by email.

Please register for the classes below.

Contact: Tel. (+81) 3-6228-1528

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